Italian Intrigue

A splendid seaside resort favoured by Roman emperors, a 17th century Renaissance villa for the noble Orsini family and, in the 1960s, the Roman hideaway for Jean Paul Getty, who filled it with Italian art treasures, La Posta Vecchia oozes character and history, offering a lavish snapshot of the Bel Paese’s storied past.

In the 1980s, the property became the family home of Roberto Sciò, who fell in love with its beauty, grandeur, and secluded location. Today, his daughter Marie-Louise, Creative Director and CEO of Pellicano Hotels Group, is behind the hotel’s rebirth as a haven for Baroque exuberance and artful elegance, as well as La Posta Vecchia’s unique mix of the old-world vibes and forward-facing aesthetics.


Jean Paul Getty’s collection    

Guests booking a stay at our property will be surrounded by glorious 17th century tapestries, dignified marble busts of Roman emperors of yore, and coveted antiques like a map by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, one of the greatest printmakers in the world.


The Roman Museum

Furthermore, during Getty’s restoration of La Posta Vecchia, a Roman villa dating back to the 2nd century BC was revealed, first in the gardens, where the ruins remain open to nature and our guests, then beneath the Renaissance foundations.

The Archaeological Authority carried out excavation work, discovering ancient walls, colourful mosaics, African and Greek marble as well as an array of plate, amphorae and ampules. Today our guests – as well as the public – can have access to these valuable discoveries in La Posta Vecchia’s museum on the lower ground floor.