Beneath the terrace gentle seas lap the palazzo walls, the same seductive view since sunlight glinted off Caesar’s laurel crown. Tables are simply dressed in white linen and minimum glassware, giving centre stage to the gourmet cuisine of La Posta Vecchia’s culinary maestro, Antonio Magliulo.

Chef Antonio believes, ‘We must be able to eat a dish with our eyes closed and understand everything without looking, where each flavour has its own moment’, a promise immediately fulfilled with a perfect pillow of homemade bread in a crusty case and the most delicately aromatic olive oil.

And so the tour de force begins as he does astonishing things with sea bass, baby squid and crab, Piemontese beef and pioppini mushrooms, or pink breast of pigeon with black salsify.

Every day Chef Antonio is delighted to discover some special ingredients which he presents with gusto for his guests, it may be a white truffle or a courgette flower from his garden, close your eyes to taste the essence of Cesar, La Posta Vecchia restaurant.

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