Touring Lazio’s larder from vineyards to cheesemakers.

The rich Lazio soil provides a bounty of epicurean delicacies; wine, cheese, olive oil and honey. The vineyards at Casale Cento Corvi, Furbara are among the best in Italy: the land is rich in minerals, hills surround the vineyards protecting them against cold and wind, they have been worked for generations by The Collacciani family. Beyond prestigious wines, production includes olives, patè, extra virgin olive oil and honey. 15 minutes from La Posta Vecchia.

La Rasenna, Ladispoli has established itself as a major contributor through the energy of young oenologist Francesco Gambini. He is exploring with cultivars which have not yet been used in this area such as the Petit Verdot and Syrah for red wines, and white grape varieties like Sauvignon and Vermintino. La Rasenna also produces Grappa, olive oil and honey. 10 minutes from La Posta Vecchia.