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Superior Deluxe Sea View

  • 32 to 38 sq.m
  • Double bed
  • Up to 3 guests
  • Sea view

Views of sunlight and sea, with two millennia of history beneath your rooms.


Walking to your room you pass fabulous works of Renaissance art from Getty’s private collection, and as your head touches the pillow you might remind yourself there is a 2BC archaeological site a few floors beneath you. Some of these interiors feature original designs by Federico Zeri for Jean Paul Getty, and have been updated with the careful eye of your hostess and renowned Italian tastemaker, Marie-Louise Sciò. The handsomely framed sea view is eternally beautiful, a rare pleasure when enjoyed in the fine luxury of this Rome retreat.

Superior Deluxe Sea View
Superior Deluxe Sea View
Superior Deluxe Sea View

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